Guest Contributor Guidelines

Thank you so much for your interest in being a contributor at PhotoExplain.

Yes, we always looking for passionate writers and guest post contributors who are experienced in content writing, and now want to write for PhotoExplain as a contributor.

If you are our valued readers and have asked for guidelines on how to contribute to our blog then these steps will assist you in knowing our requirements.

Note: We accept guest posts from anyone when we feel he/she can write and contribute quality content that is worth reading and the topic is much more suitable for our blog.

In our respectful community, everyone works together to help one another and make things easier. That’s why we ask you to follow the following rules when contributing:

Our Audience and Topics

We accept only related articles including:

  • Photography
  • Photographer
  • Editing
  • Reviews
  • Creative Ideas

Your Post Should Be:

  • The content topic should be useful, interesting, and engaging to the readers of our blog.
  • Should be a non-promotional, unique, and accurate piece.
  • The post must be grammatically correct and well-written.
  • The article should be original content and not plagiarized. 
  • Have headings to organize the content.
  • Mention the source if you use any quotes, data, images, or 3rd party content.
  • The post must not include marketing-related links and must not be entirely self-promotional.

We Don’t Accept Such Posts:

  • A topic that is already covered on our website.
  • The article has been published before on another site, or it’s a duplicate version.
  • An article that doesn’t describe obvious things and demonstrates a lack of depth of knowledge on a topic.
  • An article that contains fluffy words and stock images.

Writing Requirements:

  • Guest posts should be at least 1,500 words, (Not including your article’s title and author bio.)
  • Written language must be US English and free from any grammatical errors.
  • The tone of the guest post article should be conversational and professional.
  • Make sure that you write the article as though you’re speaking to one person or a group of people.
  • Title, headings, and subheadings should be written following the AP Writing Style.
  • You may break your post into smaller parts or sentence cases and apply the H2 or H3 style to your subheadings. 
  • Explain each topic from simple to more complex points.
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists to represent steps in a process, related items, or sets of information.
  • Use resources not older than 1 year.
  • Each point you include in the article must include actionable takeaways and strategies.
  • Include a conclusion that summarizes the points you shared in the article.
  • You may include top rated links as reference.
  • Do not insert more than two links as backlinks.
  • Articles must be submitted as Google Docs.

Please note that the PhotoExplain Team reserves the right to edit, delete your content, or change it as we see fit.

Image Requirements

  • Images must be copyright-free or original work.
  • Avoid using generic or stock images.
  • Support the article’s points with relevant images such as graphs, charts, screenshots, original data illustrations, and infographics.
  • Always make sure you include proper attribution below each image in your article.

External Link Requirement

  • Links must be relevant and valuable for the reader.
  • You can only include up to 2 Links to the post, (The link will be Do-Follow)
  • If we consider backlinks to be: spammy, irrelevant, or included in a far-fetched example, we will remove them.
  • If you repeat backlinks, even if relevant, we will remove all and keep one of these links.

Before Submit your content

First, we’ll agree on a topic for your post.

Do not start writing until we are sure of this topic!

Send a finished copy to our blog Editor, at

Publishing process

We get a large volume of guest pitches, so please be patient with us!

  • Response: If your topic is selected by us, we’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.
  • Once you’ve heard a positive response from us, it’s time to get drafting!
  • Draft: If the draft does not meet our quality standards, we will let you know that we cannot move forward with the post.
  • If the draft does meet our quality standards, we’ll move on to editing.
  • Edits: We will edit the content to align with our standards. If we need anything on your end— a better quality image, a change to a section, or further elaboration on something, we’ll let you know.
  • Publishing: Your post could be published within 2-3 days after submission; it can be longer if backlogged.

First Mail Must be Included:

  • Tell us a little about yourself: What experience or expertise will you be drawing from in your post?
  • With proposed ideas: Topic, Title, Keyword, Niche.
  • Writing samples: Please link to at least one existing publication. 

Ready to Knock?

If you are submitting to us for the first time, please tell us about yourself and provide links to your online profile, website, or previous blog posts you have written.

Tell us about your plan:

Please be aware that we will not respond to irrelevant submissions due to the high volume of requests we receive. If you don’t hear back from us within two weeks, feel free to publish your guest post elsewhere.

Note: Please do NOT contact us for irrelevant niches.