What are Newborn Photography Poses? Newborn Poses Cheat Sheet

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Newborn photography is a dream project of every parent, especially when they gain their first baby. No doubt, it’s the happiest moment in their life. To make this special event spectacular, as a photographer, you must be professional and take photos from different poses and angles. 

In this article, I explained creative and artistic Newborn Photography Poses that will help you win a successful photography journey with little angles, even without harming them. Also, you will get some effective information about baby photoshoots, including essential props, cameras, and decorations. 

So, without much ado, let’s right dive in! 

What are Newborn Photography Poses?

What are Newborn Photography Poses

Newborn photography poses are such pretty and hilarious photoshoot poses for children that help create more enchanting and aesthetic baby photos. These poses let babies look more soft and affectionate, which, no doubt, will force your heart to melt, and eyes to glaze. 

Whether you are a newborn photographer or a parent desiring to make a newborn photo session, it’s important to take some clear ideas about newborn photo poses. Famous newborn photographers always maintain amazing poses in their photo sessions. It helps them make baby photos a mixed bag of different looks and beauty. 

You will find numerous photography poses for newborn babies in the following parts. Let’s take a look at them. 

Importance of Capturing Memorable Moments of Newborns

If you are a newborn photographer enthusiastic about making photography for newborn babies, you might know how amazing and popular infant photoshoot sessions are. Parents are so eager to capture these beautiful memorable moments which are a great source of pleasure in remembering the past events of their life.

There are more important reasons why baby photoshoot is famous among parents. Initially, it’s a magic capture of parenthood which helps mum and dad keep these happiest moments evergreen in the photo frame. When a dad goes to work and misses his child, a photo on his desk will provide him with some happiness and increase his work energy.

Another important view is that infant photos create a strong bonding between babies and their parents. Babies commonly tend to feel less affectionate with their mom and dad when they grow up. These childhood memories are key in rebuilding the previous love and relationship. More importantly, it’s a deep heart feeling between a mom and her child.

Newborn Poses Cheat Sheet with Newborn Baby Pic

Newborn Poses Cheat Sheet with Newborn Baby Pic
© allnewbornprops.com

You got a brief idea about baby photoshoot poses and their cruciality in the above. Here, you will learn in-depth data on different poses for newborn photography with unique techniques and step-by-step guidelines. So, let’s find out about them! 

Classic Swaddle Poses

© sweetbabyphotoprops.com

It’s undeniable that swaddle poses look so classy and are easier. Because newborns are so soft that it’s better to wrap them up tight in a warm and cozy rug or blanket instead of having much space to move around, here are some tips for making classic swaddle poses. 

  • Lay a stretchy wrap on your lap and fold the shorter side over the baby’s body.
  • Do the same task with the other side of the wrap, and then secure the bottom. 
  • Finally, tuck the remaining wrap, and after that, make the poses you love. 

Props Suggestion: Use some different props to bring some amazing looks. For instance, put your baby on a blanket in a round pot or sofa to bring some unique scenes. 

Froggy Pose Newborn

© summerelizabethphotography.com

The froggy pose is one of the most popular baby photo poses, which looks classic and evergreen. But this pose isn’t easy for amateurs due to its unusual position-making. Here are some lucrative tips on the froggy pose. 

  • First, Place the baby’s hand on the cheeks and hold the elbows together with one hand.
  • Then, put the legs of the baby by the sides and ask the parent to hold the baby’s head with one hand and his wrist with the other. 
  • When the position-making is complete, start capturing photos. 

Prop Suggestion: Froggy pose photos are mainly captured on the bedsheet or a soft flat place. There is no need to use extra props. However, as the baby’s safety is paramount, you should be careful. 

Tushy-Up Pose

Tushy-Up Pose
© nastjaphotography.com

Tushy up pose is another popular photography position that looks cute and helps capture a baby’s facial features. Babies also enjoy this position as they can settle easily and quickly. Here are some important tips for taking multiple shots in this pose. 

  • Put the baby’s hand under its cheek and make its fingers flat and relaxed. 
  • Then, turn the back foot under the baby’s bum to see the little toes. 
  • Finally, squish up the baby with its elbow touching the knees to get the little back rolls. 

Prop Suggestion: Use pillows under the blanket to get a perfect position. 

Side Lying poses

© sweetbabyphotoprops.com

Side-lying poses are relatively easy as well as look more natural. Photographers usually start newborn photoshoots in this position. Of course, make sure the baby is asleep. Here are some crucial tips for side poses. 

  • First, lay the baby on one side you want to focus on, then, place the arms and hands in a position.
  • Ensure that the baby’s cheek and face don’t get crushed. 
  • Finally, tuck the arms behind the jaw and place the head over the hands. 

Prop Suggestion: Use a soft, colorful blanket to make the background beautiful.

Curled-Up Pose

© littleleavesphotography.com

Curled-Up Pose is similar to the side-lying position because the baby needs to be lying on the side position to make this photograph pose. The purpose of this pose is to make the baby look little and curly while lying down. Here are some step-by-step tips for making this photoshoot pose. 

  • First, make the baby’s leg visible to make his or her body look longer. 
  • Put the head on a lower level so the baby appears flat rather than slightly titled. 

Prop Suggestion: Add more stuffing under the baby’s head and tuck the feet in. It will make the baby look more curled up and a little cutie.

Chin On Hands Pose

Chin On Hands Pose

The Chin on hands poses an amazing newborn photo that perfectly depicts a baby’s little face and the cuteness of his chubby round cheeks. But, this pose is challenging for beginner photographers. Here are some effective tips on it. 

  • First, make sure that your baby is in deep sleep. 
  • Put the baby’s chin on his finger, not on the forearms. 
  • Turn the baby’s head towards the light source, not towards the shadow side. 

Prop Suggestion: Use different props, such as bean bags, blankets, and pillows. But don’t try too high pillows. 

Huck finn poses

© sophiecrewphotography.com

This pose is similar to the Taco pose, where the baby is rolled onto his back with its legs tucked comfortably underneath the baby. This pose is also famous as it highlights a baby’s face and back part with an amazing look. Here are some tips for getting beautiful Huck Finn poses. 

  • Position a prop under the blanket to make a shelf for the baby’s top half.
  • Make sure that the baby’s head is elevated.
  • Experiment with shots from different angles and show your creativity by cropping images.

Prop Suggestion: Use a pillow under the baby’s tush to utilize gravity for keeping his legs curled up.

Potato Sack Pose

© newbornposing.com

The potato sack pose makes the baby look round figure and pretty. In this pose, the baby is usually wrapped snuggly and positioned upright, with the chin resting on the hands. Also, the baby is placed in the middle of the posing bag with a support of a spotter. Here are some details on it. 

  • First, wrap the baby with a soft blanket, and ensure that wrap is not too tight. 
  • Use diffused light to flow the light sideways to the baby’s face. 
  • Ensure the shadows are under the eyebrows and the nose is not harsh. 

Prop Suggestion: Use a soft blanket and diffused light to perfectly highlight the baby’s face. Don’t forget to shoot from an elevated position to avoid shooting up the nose. 

Bucket or Basket Pose

Bucket or Basket Pose

The bucket or basket pose always looks rustic and cute, which everybody loves. This pose not only highlights the baby’s cute appearance but also indicates the photographer’s creativity. Here are some tips for it. 

  • First, ensure the baby is in a deep sleep. 
  • Put weights in the bottom of the bucket.
  • Put a wrap around the baby, and don’t pose him/her naked inside the basket. 
  • Finally, position the baby’s arms before putting them in the basket.

Prop Suggestion: Use a bucket, basket, or pail that can easily coincide with the baby’s size.

Parent-Child Connection Pose

© sofiaribeirophotography.com

It is undeniable that the major purpose of newborn photography is creating a memory of parents and children. Every mum and dad dream of having such an event. Here are some tips for the parent-child connection pose.

  • First, prepare the baby with an enchanting blanket or cloth. 
  • Take a picture when the baby is between his mom and dad. 
  • Capture a shot when the mom adores her infant kid.
  • Take a photo of the dad and his baby in a single frame. 

Prop Suggestion: You can use various props and lighting elements, including natural light and background to create different stories and messages in every single shot.

Sibling Pose

Sibling Pose

Siblings are another heartening component of newborn photography. You will make a variety of pictures of a baby with its siblings. Here are some tips on that. 

  • Capture photos of a newborn with its toddler brother or sister in a matching look.
  • Make some memories of when the baby is in the hands of the elder sister.
  • Another great idea is to capture twin babies on the same photo frame. 

Prop Suggestion: No specific prop is used in this type of photoshoot. You can use any relevant cloth, lighting equipment, and other props to create some emotional and attractive memories of siblings. 

Tips for a Successful Newborn Photoshoot

After learning about newborn photoshoot ideas, you must also know more essential tips to make your newborn photography successful. We provided some important facts to consider before starting a newborn photo shoot.

Safety considerations for newborns during photoshoots

When it comes to making newborn photoshoots, safety is undoubtedly the priority. Everything you must consider, From the environment to the baby’s physical conditions. For further safety net, ensure the surface and other props are free of germs and viruses. Moreover, vaccination facts could also be kept in mind. 

Choosing a suitable location and setting

Home is the best and perfect place for making photo sessions with newborn babies. You can use your living room and bedroom as the most comfortable zone for the baby’s photoshoot because they will be the safest place. Moreover, You can decorate your home with amazing clothes, blankets, and other props to bring an elegant look. 

Other outdoor places, such as the home garden, could be used as a relevant source for making baby photos under the sky view. Moreover, if you think, you can go to a studio because they include all the essential things for making baby photos.

Props and accessories for newborn photography poses

Numerous props and accessories are used in newborn photography to make the photos more gorgeous and stunning. I am mentioning some essential props here to assist you in taking a brief idea of them. 

  • Beanbag: Traditional and newborn bean bags are both used for infant photoshoots. 
  • Backdrops for a Beanbag: When you collect a beanbag, it’s time for a backdrop. It brings a sophisticated look to the background. 
  • Newborn Wraps: Wraps are an essential element of baby photography as they play a key role in keeping the babies calm and serene. 
  • Hats and Bonnets: Hats and bonnets are a great source for making the photos astonishing, especially in the fall and winter seasons. It also protects the babies from the cold. 
  • Newborn Outfits: You will find numerous outfits for the babies, from which you can choose whatever you like.

Creating a comfortable and soothing environment

A suitable environment is essential for making a photo session with a baby. Make your home a great source of relaxation. Keep it fresh and comfortable, and decorate it based on the season and weather, which will help to protect your children from any discomfort.

Patience and flexibility during the session

There is no doubt, patience and flexibility are inevitable elements to maintain in baby photo sessions. As a photographer or parent, keeping calm and patient during the whole photo session is essential to avoid anything stressful for children. Take time, and don’t force the baby into any pose.

Post-processing techniques for enhancing newborn photographs

The final and foremost task to make the newborn photos more enchanting and loveable is post-processing. It is true that just capturing shots cannot make the photos complete and displayable. You need to edit your photos using great techniques. But editing photos is not an easy task. If you cannot do this, you can hire a photo editor to complete the rest of the task. 


What Are the Best Camera for Newborn Photography?

Numerous cameras are used highly for newborn photography, such as Sony A7R, Canon EOS R5, ‎and Nikon Z7. You can choose one of them you prefer. 

How Much Does Newborn Photography Cost?

The cost for newborn photography varies depending on the place, the photographer’s skills, and other facts. The average baby photoshoot is usually between $200 and $400. 

How to Do Newborn Photography?

If you want to make newborn photography, you must gain essential knowledge, including cameras, lenses, photoshoot poses, and props. 

What Is the Best Lens for Newborn Photography?

To make newborn photography, you can use numerous lenses for different shots. But I prefer a 50mm prime lens, a macro lens, and a wide-angle lens for newborn portraits and family shots. 

How to Learn Newborn Photography?

Learning newborn photography is slightly different from other photography genres but not difficult. Besides regular practices, you should practice having your mind calm and patient with babies.

Final Thought

Babies are always a blessing for parents, and they try to capture some special moments with their babies in different poses. This article provides in-depth knowledge about newborn photography poses, including other tips to consider to be a successful baby photographer. I hope you read the whole article and got beneficial information on it. So, practice the techniques and achieve your goal. 

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